The Buckhead Reporter focuses on local Senior Services

“Local Chef Serves Senior Market”    July 10 - July 23, 2009

According to Amy Wenk of The Buckhead Reporter the aging population in Atlanta grew almost 31% from 2000 – 2005.  And by the year 2030, one in five residents in the metro area will be over 60 years of age. The majority of these people wants to age in place and stay in their homes as long as possible.

Chef Bob Brinson of Gourmet Innovations, Inc. offers a meal delivery program to help these seniors maintain their independence.  Delivering seven meals to his clients every two weeks, Chef Brinson shops the day he cooks so all the food is fresh.  The made-to-order meals use no additives or preservatives and are naturally low in sodium.  Chef Brinson’s clients choose from a rotating menu and diabetic friendly meals are offered.

While the non-profit organization, Meals-on-Wheels, delivers food to lower income individuals, Gourmet Innovations, Inc. provides a service to those seniors who still need food brought to their homes but can afford it.  The semi-monthly charge is $95 for seven meals and delivery is included.  Leisa McDonald ofDecatur says “the service is a good option for her mother-in-law and the value is much better than eating out all the time.”

A local resident of Buckhead, Chef Brinson left his corporate career after 15 years to pursue his passion for cooking.  After opening Gourmet Innovations, Inc. in 2006, Chef Brinson began the delivery portion of his business about 8 months ago.  Brinson states “I work with people that are recovering from strokes, surgeries, and illness.  Nutrition is so important to a speedy recovery and just general healthy living.  My focus is on seniors, but it’s also great for new moms.”

Leisa McDonald of Decatur started using the service when her mother-in-law suffered a stroke and then fell and broke her arm.  With her mother-in-law needing some help in the kitchen, Leisa explains that “this service made sure that mom was getting a hot, nutritious meal” at least once a day.   

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