traditional dinner party:
  • Basil & Prosciutto stuffed Beef tenderloin

  • rosemary potatoes

  • roasted asparagus

Prices start at $350.00


Everything was great and I didn't have to eat another Lean Cuisine. The quality of food was excellent, and the meals were nothing but delicious.

vegan entrees:
  • grilled herb polenta

  • smoky roasted red pepper & basil coulis

  • grilled asparagus

Specialty Pastas:
  • Roasted Cauliflower puttanesca

  • tossed in a white wine caper sauce

  • In Home Meal Preparation

  • Custom nutrition plans

  • food allergy consultations

  • Seated dinner parties

  • cocktail parties

  • Holiday gatherings

  • special events

We thoroughly enjoyed our catering experience. The food was DELICIOUS, and you all handled the evening so well from start to finish.


from the sea:
  • Pan seared Halibut

  • lemon basil vinaigrette

  • parmesan risotto

  • sauteed mixed squashes

specialized services

Jane leitz, atlanta

Catering Customer

Dan Swain, Atlanta