With more than 20 years of culinary experience, Chef Bob began his culinary career at age 10 watching his mother cook.  He was intrigued about how all of the ingredients came together.  By age 12, he was cooking Sunday dinners for his family.

This fascination with cooking turned into a passion, and after receiving an MBA and spending 15 years in corporate America, Chef Bob became a personal chef.  Primarily a self-taught gourmand, Chef Bob has developed a solid foundation of cooking skills, honing his technique through numerous classes and outside sources.  With a passion for food and a strong desire to prepare delicious, healthy, fresh meals, Chef Bob of Gourmet Innovations, Inc. wants to "bring the restaurant home to you."



"Bob Brinson of Gourmet Innovations in Atlanta kept things homey but interesting - dishes you might make on a night when you're feeling especially ambitious or are having friends over."  

- Eileen Gunn of The Wall Street Journal

"Being health conscious, I try to watch my intake of fats and carbohydrates.  After discussing my food preferences, Chef Bob worked with me to ensure I was eating healthy, low-fat, fresh meals.  Everything has been just great."  

- Jennifer Durkin of Smyrna, GA

"Everything was really, really delicious. I am so very impressed and have no doubt that people will fall in love with these dishes. Great cooking Bob."   

- Emily Pylant of Atlanta, GA