The Wall Street Journal Calls on Personal Chefs, Including Gourmet Innovations

"Outsourcing Your Family Dinner"

According to Eileen Gun of The Wall Street Journal, "Many alternatives to both cooking from scratch and eating out are springing up. One of the most popular is a new kind of personal chef."

In her June 15, 2006, Cranky Consumer column titled "Outsourcing Your Family Dinner", Gunn reports that personal chefs are "not live-ins who devote their time and energy to one wealthy household - or someone you hire to cook for one special dinner party ... Some stop in once a week to cook up to a week's worth of meals in your kitchen."

Gunn rated personal chefs nationwide and noted her experiences by saying "sitting down to a few of these meals gave us the feeling of eating restaurant food in our pajamas."

One of the personal chef services she tested included Chef Bob Brinson's Gourmet Innovations, Inc. based in Buckhead. Gunn said that Gourmet Innovations "kept things homey, but interesting - dishes you might make on a night when you're feeling especially ambitious or having friends over."

On the Gourmet Innovations ordering/cooking process, Gunn shares that Chef Brinson "spent 30 minutes on the phone with us to learn about allergies, medical conditions and food likes and dislikes." And on reheating/eating the meals, she adds, "Some meals reheated quickly in the microwave; others required time in the oven. Cajun Shrimp was well-seasoned." She added, "He also left a bottle of wine on our counter and the kitchen cleaner than he found it."                            

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